The most important factor in keeping your space cooler than the outside heat throughout the summer is an air conditioner. Every family benefits greatly from having an air conditioner. When your air conditioner stops working and begins to drip or leak water in this very hot climate, things become worse. As a result, this article contains some crucial advice that will enable you to repair your air conditioners and inform you of typical issues like air conditioner leaks.

Air leak

In the hot summer, when your air conditioner is not blowing, air could be a big headache. Basically, in an air leak, the air from an air conditioner through the vent does not flow out; rather, it leaks from somewhere else. This is a serious issue in any household. To fix this issue, you can test the vents and examine from the air is leaking. If there is a serious leak, then you can call the expert from the respective company service center to fix this problem.

Dirty air filter

When you are drained from the heat outdoors, and your air conditioner is pumping warm air when you are really perspiring, this is a complete disaster. Your air filters may get clogged with dirt, which might result in this. This might also occur as a result of duct obstruction, which overheats the compressor and eventually causes an air leak or water leaking.

In this situation, you need to clean the air filters once a month. Cleaning with soap or water is more effective than dry cleaning since it completely removes dirt and lets cool air flow through. Additionally, you must clean the duct while following any professional advice from your nearby service facility.

Installation fault

Air leaking or leakage of water may also happen due to the improper way of installing your air conditioner. This also could damage your air conditioner permanently. Always keep in mind while installing an air conditioner that the backside of the air conditioner should be warmer than the front side. This will restrict your water and air leakage. If your air conditioner has an installation fault, then you should call the technician from the respective company service center immediately.


Air leakage and water leak are the most common problem with air conditioners. Thus always take care of your air conditioner, use it properly, and clean the vents and air filters and the most important thing is to do servicing every month to prevent leakage.


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