When we look at buying a new home we all have our list of criteria that we require from the new property, extra bedrooms for the growing family, a driveway for the new company car, a newly fitted kitchen, a larger family dining room.

On top of all the obvious ‘size’ related criteria; more and more of us are now seeking to reduce our house hold utility bills in the form of energy efficiency. Saving the planet and our pockets.

What are the renovations that could save us money? The best reduction to saving us money each month or year and ultimately during the ownership of the property is simple. You could choose updates like thicker loft insulation and energy saving light bulbs.

However the bigger savings come in the form of a higher rater combination boiler, more efficient heat emitters in the form of radiators or under floor heating and better windows and doors in the form of double glazing.

If we take loft insulation, this can be completed fairly easily by the average person or there are government schemes that will actually get a recommended company to install the loft insulation for free; available through grant incentives.

Energy saving light bulbs have reduced in price over the last few years and the whole house can have its bulbs changed for the price of an average weekly shop.

If we take double glazing, not only does installing it improve the overall energy efficiency of the property, but there are many more ways in which it can have a positive impact on the property and our lives within it.

What is it and how does it work? Double glazing is made up of 2 or 3 panes of glass separated by a vacuum; or the space between each glass filled with gas. The glass itself ranges from 3mm to 10mm in thickness and the gap between each pane can be 4mm to 20mm on average.

The number of panes and the thickness of each component all have an impact on the final energy, solar and acoustic properties of each unit, window or door.

Can you hear that? Installing new doors in windows can reduce the noise we hear from within our property. This has more of a bearing when you live near a busy road, school, near a train track or under the flight path of a busy international airport.

Keeping you warm from the inside out. Double glazing not only keeps you warmer than single glazing during the winter; it can actually act as a thermal barrier during the summer. It works as a thermal barrier and stops the suns thermal heat coming into your home; keeping you cooler during the summer months.

How much can I save? Reports claim that over a period of twenty years the payback on installing double glazed windows and doors to the average semi detached home in the UK could add up to a saving of £9000.

Better Security; Installing new windows and doors can also add peace of mind as most windows and doors have the latest locks and bolts fitted to them, this in turn can save you money on your next house hold insurance quote. This is saving that most of us would not consider when updating our properties.

As we all know the price of our utilities are getting more expensive year on year and if we can save money by keeping our homes more efficient, not only will we save money, but it will help to reduce our carbon foot print on the planet and that should all make us happy.