Are you feeling tired from having to deal with the limitations of laminate? Can’t stand when your floor is so sensible that it will break after a single droplet of water or an accidental fall? Well, maybe it’s time to kiss your old laminate goodbye and swap it to some high-quality linoleum flooring. Thanks to a really huge variety of colors and designs you’ll be able to pick that special kind of linoleum that would fit perfectly in your room.

Most high-quality linoleums can offer incredible, almost 100% realistic designs and textures that can imitate any surfaces. They have a wide array of benefits that would fit any homeowner:

  • Incredible longevity (class 32/33 linoleums will serve 8 to 15 years).
  • Huge selection of designs. PVC surface can imitate wood both by its color and texture. High-quality linoleum is almost indistinguishable from parquet or laminate. Wooden textures are not the only available option; linoleum can look and feel like tiles, leather, stone and many more surfaces.
  • High wear resistance. Linoleum withstands scratches and heavy pressure and can be used in houses with pets.
  • Ease of care. PVC surface is very easy to wash. In addition, you can easily remove most aggressive pollutants such as red wine from PVC linoleum, a feat that laminate or parquet isn’t known to have.
  • Good heat and sound insulation. Linoleum is known to be much warmer than laminate or tiles. In additional, it also has great sound-proofing capabilities, making it one of the most “silent” synthetic flooring materials.
  • Affordable cost. Depending on manufacturer, type and EN 685 class, some kinds of linoleum can be purchased for less than 5 dollars per square meter.
  • Very easy to install. Unlike any other floorings, linoleum can be laid out even by the most unexperienced DIY enthusiasts;
  • Very easy to remove. It can be removed as easy as it can be laid out. You won’t even need a partner and special tools to remove the linoleum flooring.

And now it’s time to dislodge five most popular myths about linoleum:

  • “The floor will emit unpleasant odor after installing”: Modern linoleums are made of high-quality materials. They will not smell, nor would they emit any toxic substances into the air;
  • “Visible bright or dark stains will appear over time, especially on places under load”: Domestic class linoleum can suffer from this defect, but as long as you use Class 31/32/33 commercial linoleum, you won’t need to worry about it;
  • “The thicker the linoleum, the longer it will live”: This is a somewhat validated myth, but it has several nuances. Wear-resistant commercial and industrial-grade linoleum is much thicker than standard domestic linoleum. The thickness of transparent protective layer really affects how long the linoleum will “live”; it must be at least 0,5 mm thick.
  • “The seams can break over time”: Latest generation linoleum no longer suffer from this problem.
  • “Mold can form under the linoleum if the area is humid”: While the natural linoleum can suffer from this problem to some extent, the situation is much more bright for PVC linoleum. The upper protective layer is invulnerable to water. If the water somehow finds its way under the linoleum, just bend the wet part and let it dry up. However, if you often find your house flooded because of faulty HVAC pipes or careless neighbors, you should consider swapping linoleum for tiles.