It’s 2 am and you’re fast asleep when suddenly you are awakened by an alarm by your bed that’s NOT from an alarm clock. Just as any person who has been sleeping soundly you probably wake up scared. What’s happening?

Then you realize that someone’s messing with your living room door handle. You immediately go to each of your kid’s rooms to check on their safety. Then you notice that Johnny, your 15 year old, is not in his bed nor has the bed been slept in.

This isn’t the first time this has happened. You’ve suspected that he’s been out late at night but you have never caught him in the act. So you decide that you’ll teach him a lesson.

Quietly you go down the stairs to the living room and wait until your son sneaks in. Now there are many scenarios the next step can take. You can grab Johnny by the back of the collar which might scare him to death because he wasn’t’ expecting a greeting. Or you could stand in front of the door for him to bump into because there’s no light on in the house. You could even stay behind the door and yell ‘boo’ when he enters.

Any or all of these techniques should get Johnny’s attention and after his heart starts beating again it’s time to lay the law down. What you say is entirely up to you. You don’t even have to tell him how you knew it was him who was sneaking in.

You should, however, inform little Johnny that he could have been killed when he came in because you might have been standing there with a baseball bat or some sort of weapon thinking it was a robber. It was lucky for your son that you knew it was him. You’ll probably have a lot more to say at breakfast!

Johnny got the scare of his life that night and hopefully will never try something like that again. You can be thankful that your son is OK.

You can also be thankful for a great little machine that Pop used called the Driveway Alert Wireless Notification System which is a strange name for a gadget in your bedroom. Well, not really, because this product has two separate parts: a transmitter and a receiver, both of which can be placed wherever you want. In this case the transmitter was at the front door of the living room and the receiver was placed next to your bed. The range is up to 400 feet. When movement is detected the receiver will alert you with an adjustable alarm.

There are many different usages for the Driveway Alert. You can use it to be alerted for burglars, for a teenager trying to put something over on Pop (as I told you in the above story), to be placed in front of your older parent’s or young child’s door to make sure they don’t roam around the house at night or any other scenario you might want in the house.

You can also use it for the detached garage or a far room in the house or even place the receiver (which is waterproof) near your boat or car, or at the front gate of your yard

I could go on and on with ideas and I hope I got the idea across that the Driveway Alert is a fantastic product that everyone should have in their home. I’m sure you have a place to use it.