Saunas are now becoming admired in homes and when a heater goes down, the question coming up is how to choose a sauna heater?

Having a sauna heater is an advantage because you can set the temperature according to your own will. The ideal sauna heater can put together the type of sauna session you would like, which even means you can use it more often.

According to the professionals, using the sauna more often makes you feel better and relaxed.

How to choose the right sauna heater?

I am going to tell you some important points to keep in mind while buying a sauna heater for yourself.

1) Either a traditional heat source or a far-infrared:

When you wonder how to choose a sauna heater, the most important choice is to choose between a traditional or a far infra-red heater. A traditional heater has three different sources of heat, wood, gas, and electric source. Most saunas are even heated by convection and convection is done through gas, electricity or timber flame.

When you choose a traditional heater it is on you to decide the source out of the three but gas is considered as the most economical source. But you can opt for wood if you have a good supply of firewood. They are the best options for sites where electricity is an issue.

On the other hand, FIR heaters produce heat in forms of waves beaming from heating systems. Using this system means, having a comparatively lower temperature and no amount of steam or additional humidity would be produced.

FIR is the best option for those who are willing to avoid the stifling effects caused by the traditional sources or even who suffer from breathing issues using the FIR. Fir saunas even use lesser energy, and this is a plus point for those using the sauna on a day-to-day basis or even twice a day at times!

2) Dimension, material and the place:

You need to think of a place where you are willing to place your sauna. Venting, height as well as and waterproofing has to be looked at in the preparatory stage.

3) The sauna’s power rating:

When you opt for an electric heat source you have to keep a major point in mind which is to choose the right size of the heater. It is preferred to take help from a professional when looking at the power requirement of your sauna.

4) use of high tech:

A lot of sauna heaters come with a built-in program that allows an individual to preset the time span to be on for, therefore, eliminating the brief wait for the sauna to heat. In this all, you need to turn the unit on from your smartphone when you leave for work and on your return, you will find a properly heated sauna to relax.


All you need to do is consult companies once you know how to choose a sauna heater because they can guide you the perfect locations and sizes keeping your safety in mind. Have a nice day detoxifying your mind and losing up a little!