Your home is one of the biggest investments you will make in life, so when you decide you want to make a change (either for function or aesthetics), you need to connect with a trusted remodeling business. Finding the right company not only makes it easier to begin the remodeling process, but it makes the time on the job, and its conclusion, all the more satisfying.

Still, the remodeling business is a large market filled with potential companies vying for your hard-earned money. It is key to find the company that is the right match for you. Here are five tips that can make it easier to not only find, but also hire, a trusted remodeling business:

1. Get recommendations – Asking your neighbors and co-workers about reputable businesses is a great way to get information. They have had to go through the process and can best provide you with first-hand accounts of the pros and cons of working with different remodeling companies.

2. Check with your local Better Business Bureau – The BBB is a goldmine for information about companies from all walks of life. One time that is important to future remodeling homeowners is whether a company has good standing with its customers. It is also key for homeowners to see how a company responds to negative ratings and complaints.

3. Meet and interview prospective remodeling businesses – Because the remodeling business is large and competitive, companies tend to be more open to “winning over” prospective clients by meeting them at their home and answering questions about the project the homeowner has in mind. You may ask about matters such as whether a company is insured, whether they will provide a written estimate for job cost, and what details are a part of contracts with clients.

4. Research previous jobs – While you are interviewing a prospective remodeling business, be sure to ask if they can provide a list of local projects they have completed so that you can check out their work. Many reputable firms are more than happy to share this information, and as an added bonus, you can interact directly with previous clients of theirs and get detailed information about what it is like working with the company.

5. Communication – Any remodeling project can have its positives and negatives, but one thing that should always be held as most important is the ability to communicate. As the homeowner, you may often be on-site (at home) during the repairs and if you see something that does not seem right, you need to know you can speak with someone immediately in order to resolve the matter. Even if you are not on-site, you may need to easily interact with someone regarding billing, access to the property, or any unforeseen circumstances that may come up. Sometimes this lack of communication can pop at the interview/research process before a job starts. If phone calls or emails are not being returned, it just may mean that you need to move on to another company.

Common sense is the name of the game when it comes to getting a trusted remodeling business in your corner. By taking the time to research companies and essentially shop around for the right fit, you have done yourself a favor as a homeowner, and remodeling part of your home will be a more gratifying experience.