What Qualifies As A Remodel Project?

By definition, a remodel entails altering the structure of the home. This results in a change in structure and style of the home which yields a complete transformation. Remodeling often involves complex design changes. This is then requires various parts such as construction, electrical and plumbing work. Thus, it is often more costly than a renovation. Home remodeling companies undertake projects involving the change of space utilization which is rather complicated. Thus it is important that you select a suitable company which is well experienced and suitable for your project to ensure work is carried out as desired and planned from the beginning.

Examples for luxury home remodeling includes changing the layout for your kitchen or combining your living room and kitchen space to create an open concept kitchen. It could even involve the re-configuration of the floor plan of your home and changing the layout of one or more rooms in your house. Remodeling generally results in a completely new look and feel of your whole house.

Other Construction Related Projects

The term renovation is often confused and used interchangeably with the term remodeling. In contrast to the work performed by home remodeling companies, renovations include restoration of homes to a good condition or to its previous state and requires repair. It refreshes the structure to what it once was and makes it new again. This would include work such as re-painting, installation of new fixtures and finishes. The key identifying factor is that the original design is not changes drastically but just updated and revived.

Similar to a remodel, new constructions also use similar materials and products and the end results often look similar. New constructions follow a methodical sequence throughout but if planned well can be executed with ease. But remodeling often demands more precision. This is due to the fact that it involves selective or partial demolition which involves a high degree of coordination to ensure that existing structures are properly supported.

The following are description of some other construction activities which should not be confused with remodels.

  • Preservation – this involves treatments to help keep a building in its current state to prevent deterioration.
  • Restoration – this is done to recreate or reproduce the appearance of a building to what it was once before.
  • Rehabilitation/Reclamation – the character defining features of a building are maintain whilst bringing about adaptive use of the building. Some contemporary changes may be made in this type of project.