Whether this is your first time using a self storage unit or you have become a bit of a novice, below are some great tips which cover everything from how to store your items to how to ensure they stay in perfect condition.

Store everything on pallets

Very few people think to do this, but it’s very important if you’re storing items for a long time and want to keep them protected. Keeping everything off the floor on pallets allows air to flow underneath the boxes which prevents mould and dampness from forming. Most self storage units are well-equipped to protect against flooding but keeping everything on pallets gives you extra protection and peace of mind should a natural disaster occur.

Label your boxes

You may think you’ll remember what went where and what you put in each box but six months down the line you can guarantee that mayhem will ensue should you need to find something. Regardless of your situation, labelling everything will make your life much more stress-free.

If you stored things away as a short-term solution because you’re moving house, knowing what’s in every box is very handy because you know which room to put everything in and you may even want to move things over in instalments.

If you’re renting a storage unit on a long-term basis, chances are that at some point you will need something in particular. Labelling your boxes means that you can easily locate it and take what you need. If you don’t label everything, there’s a strong possibility that you will have to rummage through all of your boxes to find it.

Account for temperature changes

It’s very easy to put your furniture in self storage and then forget all about it but it’s well worth re-visiting your site when the temperature changes drastically. A protective layer is important all year round because of dust but in summer a thin layer is sufficient whereas in winter it may be necessary to give temperature-sensitive items an extra later.

Protect your space

Your main concern is obviously going to be protecting your items from damage. Also consider the unit you’re renting however. Although most companies understand that a bit of wear and tear is inevitable when you’re moving things around, you may be invoiced for any major damage caused.

Make a floor plan

If you anticipate that you’re going to need to get things in and out of your self storage unit, a floor plan is vital. Firstly, store anything that you’re 100% certain you won’t need at the back. Anything you may need, keep towards the front so it’s easy to access. A floor plan will help to make the process even easier because you will know exactly where to find whatever it is you’re looking for.